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Fire Safety

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Practical services to help you mitigate risk

We help you reduce fire risk. At Tetra, we offer a comprehensive range of professional fire safety services that will help you achieve excellent safety standards in a practical and cost-effective way.

With fire safety facing increased scrutiny in recent years, it is now more critical than ever to be fire compliant. Our team of dedicated fire safety consultants and specialists has delivered our services and training courses across a host of different types of property including corporate offices, hospitals, universities, surgeries, schools & colleges, hotels, museums, and residential properties.

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Assessments & Audits

  • Fire risk assessments (types 1-4)
  • Corporate fire safety, compliance audits and gap analysis
  • Tenant fire safety, compliance audits and gap analysis
  • Fire strategy reviews and plans
  • Fire door surveys and audits
  • Fire compartmentation surveys
  • Fire safety management plans
  • Fire safety design evaluation and validation
  • Fire evacuation plans
  • Fire evacuation drills

Support & Training

  • Emergency visits
  • Fire investigation
  • Liaison with statutory authorities
  • Expert witness
  • Fire Warden Training
  • Fire protection engineering solutions
  • Policies, procedures and safe working practices
  • Fire remedial project management
  • Fire plan drawings
  • Fire safety manuals
  • Emergency preparedness, business continuity & resilience
  • Technical and fire safety management advice

Building Safety Act Compliance Support

  • Building Registration Process Guidance
  • Key Building Information Submission Support
  • Safety Case Reporting
  • Competent Support


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