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Independent Authorising Engineer

Independent Authorising Engineer Water

The role of an Authorising Engineer is a requirement of Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) 00. Our Authorising Engineers, who are trained to City and Guilds standard, will act completely independently as professional advisor and auditor. They will assist your organisation in the design, implementation, and continual monitoring of a 'Water Safety Plan'.

We always work closely with our clients and play an essential role in ensuring Legionella and water hygiene safety in hospital environments. In addition, we offer a range of City and Guilds Training courses from a two-day management course to half-day refresher courses.⠀

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  • Provide compliance status audits
  • Attend or chair your Water Safety Management Group meetings to give support and advice on your water hygiene risks
  • Review your Water Hygiene Policy / Water Safety Plan
  • Monitor your organisational performance
  • Monitor your water hygiene contractors
  • Give advice on water sampling results
  • Assess the required members of the management team and make recommendations for their appointment to position of Responsible Person
  • Deliver City and Guilds training courses
  • Assist in the appointment of the 'Authorised Person/Responsible Person' and Management Team
  • Design and manage the Water Safety Plan
  • Design and implement a Safe System of Work
  • Monitor the Water Safety Plan and Safe System of Work using a process of regular auditing
  • Attend Water Safety Steering Committee meetings
  • Attend Estates Department meetings
  • Assist with building and systems design to eliminate or reduce risk
  • Report on the ongoing compliance being achieved by an organisation


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