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Independent Authorising Engineer

Independent Authorising Engineer Water

The role of an Authorising Engineer is a requirement of Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) 00. Our Authorising Engineers, who are trained to City & Guilds standard, will act completely independently as professional advisor and auditor. They will assist your organisation in the design, implementation, and continual monitoring of a 'Water Safety Plan'.

We always work closely with our clients and play an essential role in ensuring Legionella and water hygiene safety in hospital environments. In addition, we offer a range of City & Guilds Training courses from a two-day management course to half-day refresher courses.⠀

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  • Provide compliance status audits
  • Attend or chair your Water Safety Management Group meetings to give support and advice on your water hygiene risks
  • Review your Water Hygiene Policy / Water Safety Plan
  • Monitor your organisational performance
  • Monitor your water hygiene contractors
  • Give advice on water sampling results
  • Assess the required members of the management team and make recommendations for their appointment to position of Responsible Person
  • Deliver City & Guilds training courses
  • Assist in the appointment of the 'Authorised Person/Responsible Person' and Management Team
  • Design and manage the Water Safety Plan
  • Design and implement a Safe System of Work
  • Monitor the Water Safety Plan and Safe System of Work using a process of regular auditing
  • Attend Water Safety Steering Committee meetings
  • Attend Estates Department meetings
  • Assist with building and systems design to eliminate or reduce risk
  • Report on the ongoing compliance being achieved by an organisation


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