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Tetra leads the industry in navigating the Building Safety Act 2022, which introduces a comprehensive regulatory framework for high-risk residential buildings (HRRBs), focusing on fire and structural safety. This Act mandates a new oversight role, the Building Safety Regulator, to enforce a safety regime starting 1st April.

As specialists in building safety reforms, Tetra is ideally positioned to help clients bridge information gaps for occupied buildings within the Act’s scope. Our team's expertise is unmatched, featuring professionals like a member of Working Group 8, who also collaborates closely with the Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) and the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA).

From April, organisations must submit, upon request, critical documentation for each building, including:

  • A Safety Case Report
  • Resident Engagement Strategy
  • Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Information

Our Services at a Glance:

  • Building Safety Case Gap Analysis: A strategic review to identify and address gaps in safety management compared to the Building Safety Act requirements. We offer a clear roadmap for compliance, enhancing organisational understanding and culture towards building safety.
  • Building Safety Case Report: A concise, essential document detailing a building's safety narrative, and supporting evidence to demonstrate compliance with the Act. It summarises key fire and structural risks, reassuring stakeholders of effective risk management.
  • Resident Engagement Strategy: A mandated strategy detailing inclusive resident involvement in safety decisions, ensuring all voices are heard and considered in the management of building safety risks.
  • Mandatory Occurrence Reporting System: A critical system for the prompt reporting of safety incidents or hazards, vital for the management of high-risk buildings and compliance with the Building Safety Act.
  • PRISM: Our Safety and Data Management System: An innovative solution to maintain the ‘Golden Thread’ of information, enhancing compliance visibility, and supporting documentation management, duty holder identification, and compliance reporting.
  • Competent Support Service: Comprehensive support including an Online Help Desk, Dedicated Consultant, and Regular Updates to ensure clients stay informed and compliant with evolving safety legislation.

Tetra's services are designed to streamline compliance with the Building Safety Act, offering a blend of technological innovation and expert guidance. Our aim is to empower clients with the tools and knowledge needed for maintaining the highest standards of safety in high-risk residential buildings.

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