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What Is It Like to Work at Tetra?

We're Purpose Led

We're united by one purpose: to safeguard people, property, and reputations through rigorous and innovative risk management

We Celebrate Expertise

We take pride in our expertise; it is the driver of our industry-leading success.

We Work Well

Our relentless focus on operations ensures that we work with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

We Encourage Creativity

Creativity is encouraged, valued, and cultivated at Tetra, driving innovation.

We Celebrate Diversity

Diversity is not just embraced; it's celebrated as a key strength that enriches #TeamTetra.

We Support Growth

We are unwavering in our commitment to support growth, both personal and professional, for every team member.

Our Values Drive Our Business

Tetra's culture is built around five key values that shape how we work together and achieve our goals. These values guide us every day, helping us make decisions and shaping all parts of our work and how we do business.

People First

Tetra's success is rooted in our People First value; as our team thrives, so does our business. We apply our expertise to ensure the safety of employees, contractors, visitors, and residents alike. We focus on nurturing our team members' growth, wellbeing, autonomy, and work-life balance, and we ensure they have what they need to succeed. Effective collaboration across departments highlights our commitment to People First, uniting us as #TeamTetra and propelling our collective performance and growth.




Tetra is ambitious. Over the past 25 years, we have grown from a small team into a leading force in property risk management. We're as committed as ever to growth through the expertise of our people and our readiness to embrace risks that propel both our services and the entire industry forward.


At Tetra, integrity is our compass. We build trust through unwavering honesty, adhere to the highest ethical standards with complete transparency, and take pride in always doing the right thing. Our actions are consistent and in the best interests of those we serve, and our communication is open and forthright, ensuring risks are assessed accurately and relationships with clients are maintained with the utmost respect and professionalism.




At Tetra, excellence is not just an aspiration; it's our benchmark. We achieve this by harnessing our collective expertise to deliver outstanding results and service that exceed expectations. We empower our team with robust support, fostering an environment where continuous improvement and innovation are not just encouraged but expected. It's this relentless pursuit of excellence that sharpens our competitive edge and defines our industry leadership.


At Tetra, collaboration is practical and purposeful. We actively engage with a network that spans clients, regulators, trade associations, and thought leaders to advance health, safety, and risk management. Our internal culture is built on the exchange of ideas and working practices, fostering innovation and a shared commitment to learning. By supporting one another in our day-to-day tasks, we create an inclusive environment that harnesses our collective skills to achieve shared objectives and deliver real value to our clients.


But don't just take our word for it...

Recently, we invited some of our team members to share their perspectives on what Tetra’s Values mean to them.

Our Leaders Make Commitments

Tetra has both a Board and a Senior Leadership Team drawn from all departments. As leaders, we are committed to:

  • Leading Tetra's people with inspiration and nurturing an environment for creating exceptional work.
  • Prioritising wellbeing, ensuring every member of Tetra thrives.
  • Encouraging a culture of open communication and teamwork.
  • Cultivating a learning environment that promotes a growth mindset and enables individuals to meet challenges and seize opportunities.
  • Providing the necessary tools – from systems and processes to technology – for effective and efficient work.
  • Supporting internal career progression and aligning individuals' development with Tetra's growth.
  • Managing the company's finances well.

We Look After Each Other

As well as a spirit of collaboration and pulling together towards one purpose, everyone at Tetra has access to these benefits:

Structured Career Development
At Tetra, we recognise each individual's unique aspirations. Our Appraisal and Personal Development Plan process facilitates collaboration with employees to tailor career paths to their needs, whether it's role development, additional responsibilities, or departmental transfers.

Annual Review
We conduct annual reviews, including salary, based on objectives met, performance, and overall development, aiming to offer a competitive compensation package.

Health & Wellbeing
We provide access to professional services supporting mental, financial, and physical health, including a 24/7 confidential support line, counselling, legal advice, and gym discounts at over 3000 centres.

On-Demand GP
Employees and their households can book convenient video or phone GP appointments, request private prescriptions, or use the Message Doctor service for simple health inquiries.

Retail Discounts
Employees enjoy exclusive discounts at supermarkets, department stores, fashion outlets, cinemas, and restaurants, instantly available through e-vouchers or reloadable gift cards.

Holiday Discounts
We offer discounts on UK and abroad holidays and leisure activities, making family fun days and holidays more affordable.

Veteran Support
With many ex-Armed Forces consultants, including two Board members, we proudly offer veterans a pathway to apply their skills in a new, growth-oriented career.

Giving back
We partner with the Backup Trust, a charity dedicated to supporting those with spinal cord injuries, with Tetra employees engaging in various fundraising activities throughout the year.

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