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Food Hygiene Assessments

Do you have the technical expertise in-house to be able to conduct food safety, hygiene and HACCP audits? Do you know if your caterer is providing food in a hygienic manner, or are you relying on their internal audits?

Tetra employs auditors who, for over 18 years, have specialised in undertaking food hygiene audits of caterers both in commercial office premises and for events. We have also provided Health & Safety consultancy, training and support to F&B Managers in the hotel and shipping sectors throughout the world.

Our audits assess the condition of the premises, the practices employed therein and the policies and procedures adopted by the catering company to provide hygienic food. Audits are also conducted to verify the effectiveness of the Food Safety Management System used.

The comprehensive report details information gathered following interviews of staff; visual inspection; temperature auditing and checks on sanitising procedures. It provides concise recommendations and an action plan based on the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 and EC Regulation 852/2004. These standards are used as best practice when auditing abroad.