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Spas & Hot Tubs linked to Legionnaires’

Spas & Hot Tubs are linked to diseases including Legionnaires’ Disease

There have been outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease and fatalities linked to spa pools, so we are helping organisations understand their legal responsibilities and implement good risk management practice. Spa pools and hot tubs are now widely recognised as a potential source of several different diseases including Legionnaires’ disease. The HSE has released new guidance – HSG 282: Control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems – aimed at people and organisations that manage or operate spa pools. The guide explains how businesses involved in the maintenance, design; manufacture, import; supply and installation of spa pools – such as hotels, holiday and leisure centres and cruise ships – can manage and control the risks from legionella and other infectious bugs that may contaminate the pool and circulation systems.

The guide includes advice on effective ways to safely manage and control spas through:

  • design, commissioning, operation and maintenance;
  • testing and monitoring spa-pool water quality;
  • quality and frequency of inspections.


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