PRISM - Tetra Consulting Ltd


PRISM is the second generation system that Tetra has developed based on our experience and in-depth knowledge of the property industry, together with input from a number of seasoned managing agents and landlords.

Whether you are the property manager of an individual block of flats or a surveyor managing a large portfolio or properties, the system has been developed to make safety risk management in property simpler for you.

Our clients can use PRISM to:

  • track all documentation, tasks and actions quickly
  • implement task management
  • manage actions on-site or remotely in real time
  • easily produce documents and management reports for portfolios, staff, actions and hazards
  • easily switch between functions and track actions
  • set up email notifications
  • tailor the system and set it up to meet their needs (including having one or many users)

Being able to track all documentation, tasks and actions quickly enables our clients to work more efficiently and thus save time and money. And because actions can be managed on-site or remotely in real time, you can ensure consistency even when you are away from the office.

The PRISM servers are stored securely with a professional data storage company and the system is continually backed up and mirrored, ensuring safety and security.

Tetra runs safety surgeries, CPD training, ongoing technical and account support for PRISM users as needed.