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Data Management Services

Keeping up-to-date records of checks of asbestos containing materials is a duty that can become extremely time-consuming.

Whether the asbestos data is in paper or electronic form, there is an ongoing obligation to audit the accuracy of the original asbestos survey report, check current conditions against the original survey, keep data updated and ensure records are correct.

Tetra provides clients with technically qualified administration support, electronic data reorganisation, re-inspection synchronisation with the original survey and uploading old survey data into a manageable electronic system.

Whether it’s paper based, spreadsheets or out of date database systems Tetra will ensure the right solution is found that fits with your requirements.

By solving data management issues, it is possible for us to develop a clear asbestos management plan for the future, which includes organising budgets, training programmes and or removal works. Our coordinated and integrated approach ensures accurate data, clear recommendations and impartial advice that enables our clients to deal with asbestos effectively regardless of the complexity and scope of the project.