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Risk management software underpins HS&F compliance

D&G Block Management are a leading London residential property management company with over 30 years of experience. Their specialist areas include mansion blocks and period conversions, and D&GBM is responsible for managing over 6000 units in 200 blocks.

When it comes to health, safety and fire regulation, D&GBM are forward thinking, and ensuring compliance for client buildings and the safety of residents is key. As such, after successfully providing asbestos management services to D&GBM , Tetra Consulting was asked to pitch for and were then appointed to carry out HS&F Risk Assessments and annual reviews, along with Legionella Risk Assessments as well.

Our consultative services paired with our innovative risk management software has enabled D&GBM to have a clear view of their compliance data and confidence that any required compliance actions will be visible and accessible. Our solutions should lead to clear benefits for D&GBM including greater efficiency and cost savings.

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